Past Projects

Projects we have supported in the past

Roof Repair


All old buildings need new roofs at some stage and our church is no exception. When the roof needed replacing, the Trust stepped in and made a major contribution

East Wall


And its walls are mediaeval and subject to the ravages of the weather. In 2012 the structural beams in the east wall of the church became exposed to the elements. The Trust bore the cost of urgent repairs.

In the Church


Even ancient churches need to be able to take advantage of modern technology. The Trust bought and paid for the installation of audio visual equipment in the church, widening the options for worship and performances in the church.



The churchyard, where many of the names appearing on the memorials are also found as street and place names in the town, and in the surnames of current residents, is surrounded by a stone wall. When this was in danger of collapse, the Trust undertook the necessary repairs.

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