Members Event & AGM

A talk by Bill Curtis

Curtis AGM cropped

Bill has just completed his fourth book on Westerham’s social and commercial history of the nineteenth and early twentieth Centuries (1850 – 1920).  He gives us some insight into how you might tell the story of those seventy years.

What references exist today?  There are minute books from various Societies and Institutions of the time, and we can glean snippets of news from our local hero of the day, Charles Hooker, who produced his ‘Almanack’ from 1864 to 1951 and started the ‘Westerham Herald’ in 1882.

It’s a case of bringing together the partially-told stories from a community that lived and breathed the untold histories that have been lost in the passage of time.  There are hints and clues that must be spotted and absorbed and pieced together, and with careful amalgamation of these elements, the story unfolds to give a concise picture of Westerham life in that period.

The talk will be followed by refreshments and the AGM.